Providing Motivation And Encouragement For Youth Outreach In Unlimited Ways!


Proposed PRograms & EventS:

To have students prepare, coordinate and present mixed-media and other hands-on
presentations to younger students that tie in with current course curriculum.  For example, presentations related to vacation/trips to (i) Alaska and personal meeting with Jeff King, a 4 time Iditarod dog sled champion, (ii) Mexico/Central America and visits to Mayan and Aztec ruins, (iii) Europe and various historic locations, such as the Coliseum, Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge, the Louvre, etc.


Develop various campaigns to assist victims of natural disasters.


To prepare, coordinate, and conduct community related events, such as a litter
clean-up & recycling events at community parks.


To schedule, prepare, and conduct musical events performed by students at various locations, such as nursing and convalescence homes.


To schedule, prepare, coordinate and conduct various fundraising events to raise money and accept donations to facilitate Me4You’s goal of providing life-enhancing items and equipment, including food, blankets, sports equipment, and other overlooked necessities to those in need in our community.


Inspiring kids to be adventurous, charitable and socially conscience by developing a desire to give back to others and the community.

Creating a learning experience for both the presenter and the audience.

Developing feelings of pride in the presenters, parents, and teachers in knowing that they are participating in something great.

Helping families, individuals, and children in need by providing life-enhancing items and equipment, including food, blankets, sports equipment, and other overlooked necessities needed in our community. Nominate someone HERE!


Me4You’s ultimate goal is to impact everyone involved – recipients, volunteers, donors, sponsors, students, schools and communities.  Although the impact may vary, Me4You strives to show kids all they have to offer their communities through volunteering and philanthropy, and how their efforts can make the world a better place.  By working together, our ability to create a better community is limitless.