Providing Motivation And Encouragement For Youth Outreach In Unlimited Ways!



Providing motivation and encouragement for youth outreach in unlimited ways.  

VISION & PUrpose:
To inspire kids to get involved in service programs throughout their community, and to promote the concept of “paying it forward.”

To encourage kids to educate and inspire children in the community through the sharing of fun and unique life experiences associated with course curriculum, such as presenting first-hand stories of adventure and travel to awesome places.

To have kids “give back” to students, neighbors and their communities in fun, creative and imaginative ways.

To create mechanisms to allow younger students to learn from older students.

To have “Me4You” programs serve as a catalyst to gain the commitment from younger students to participate in similar programs in the future.

To show kids that they can find creative and personal ways to make a difference in other children’s lives.

To raise money to help enrich the lives of families, individuals, and children in need.

To develop responsible ideas to make the donated resources go as far as possible.